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How To Pronounce VXII

Hello VXII Supporters,

We originally chose the name V12 Lifestyle due to the direction that we thought the company would go. Like any business you have to adapt or die. Rarely do things work out the way you planned for them to. With our logo looking so cool we wanted to utilize it to its fullest. And therefore we switched to an apparel store that carries men's grooming products. This means that we'll be making more shirts, hats, beanies, belt buckles and anything else that would look cool and fit with our brand. Anyhow, I digress. The logo VXII came from the V12 Lifestyle name and the "V" is for an engine, as in V6, V8 or V12, then the XII are roman numerals which is a symbol for 12. There you go ladies and gentlemen, the VXII logo stands for V12 which stands for Go Fast, Go Hard, Be RAD. 

Signing Off,