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Different Pomades For Different People

Hello VXII Readers,

There's nothing more annoying than paying for disappointment. Have you ever gone to a restaurant for the first time and had a hard time deciding what to order? That's me at every restaurant, and I've tasted disappointment more times than I wish to admit. And losing money on top of that just exacerbates the issue.   I am the same way about hair products. The only thing worse about buying a bad hair product and being disappointed with it, is that I am too cheap to throw it away. So, I'll hold on to it for years and every time I see it, it pisses me off. 

Our current pomade smells great and holds well too, but best for people with thin hairs (European). For those of us with thick hairs (Asian, African, Hispanic, etc) you may like a more wax heavy pomade that doesn't dry out and gives you a wet look all day long.  Keep an eye out for our latest products designed for "everyone else". I think you'll be delighted. As always we'll have samples for your to try. 

Stay tuned and.... Stay Classy!

Signing out, 

The VXII Team