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V12 Shave Kit

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The V12 Lifestyle Shave Kit is complete is everything you need to get the perfect close shave! (except your favorite razor)

This kit includes our Sandalwood Pre-shave Oil made with Castor, Jojoba, and meadowfoam seed oil to soften the skin and lift hair follicles. The fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties of these oils will help keep your skin hydrated and healthy as they soothe and create a smooth gliding surface for your razor. 

Also includes our Sandalwood Shaving Cream made with clay, activated charcoal, castile soap, meadowfoam seed oil, and mallow oil. The clay in this cream combined with the activated charcoal sticks to toxins in your pores and wicks them out to leave your skin very clean. The clay also provides an amazing slick surface for your razor. The oils in this cream combine to moisturize and keep your skin healthy. This cream also uses Vitamin E to soothe razor burn and protect from sun damage and other free radicals. 

Finish the perfect shave with our So Fresh So Clean After Shave, made with Special Denatured Alcohol 40B to cleanse and detoxify, menthol for that cool refreshing feeling and antiseptic properties, and Vitamin E to soothe razor burn and provide sun and free radical protection. It also smells great and leaves your face feeling So Fresh and So Clean... Hence the name. 

Also featured in our Shave Kit is our shave brush so you can get that perfect lather with our Shaving Cream. 

You're not an average man, don't settle for those average canned shave products. Experience the pleasure of a proper shave ritual and give yourself that smooth fresh feeling she will love with V12 Lifestyle Shave Kit.